AMSOIL Limited Warranty
    Lubricants and Lubricating Fluids  

    AMSOIL INC. of Superior, Wisconsin, hereby warrants that its lubricants and lubricating fluids are capable of and suitable for meeting the specifications set forth in the AMSOIL Product Selection Guide, product data bulletins and written recommendations.  It is the responsibility of the retailer, installer and/or purchaser to determine if these specifications are adequate and proper for the intended application. 

    AMSOIL, INC. of Superior, Wisconsin, further guarantees its lubricants and lubricating fluids against defective materials, design and workmanship.  These products will not cause mechanical damage when used according to the company's recommendations in mechanically sound equipment. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

    1. The warranty herein applies only to lubricants and lubricating fluids, which are manufactured and or packaged by AMSOIL INC. and sold through a registered Dealer, retailer or installer of AMSOIL INC. products.

    2. The liability of AMSOIL INC. shall be limited to:


      • Replacement of the lubricants or lubricating fluid.

      • The cost of labor, materials and mechanical components required to remedy the damage done to the equipment in which the AMSOIL product was used.


    3. AMSOIL INC. shall not be liable for special or consequential damages such as, but not limited to, damage or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital, cost of business interruption, and cost of replacement equipment.  The remedies to the purchaser herein are exclusive.  The liability of AMSOIL INC. arising out of the manufacture, sale delivery, installation, technical directions or repair of any lubricant or lubricating fluid, whether in contract, tort, warranty or otherwise, shall not exceed the value of the equipment in which said product(s) were used.

    Consumer recourse in this matter requires the submission of a sample of the AMSOIL product used and, at the option of AMSOIL INC., any damaged or related mechanical parts for inspection.  All samples and parts must be submitted, freight prepaid, and accompanied by an inspection fee of $15.00.  Should the product be defective, freight costs and inspection fees will be refunded.  Any damaged components submitted for inspection will not be returned, unless so requested, in writing, by the submitting party. In the event a dispute arises from the determination of AMSOIL INC., it is suggested that the claimant retain a sample of the product in order to submit such a sample to an independent oil testing laboratory.

    The warranty may not be extended to cover:

    1. AMSOIL products that have become unduly contaminated by improper or irregular servicing or deficiencies within the equipment in which it has been installed.

    2. AMSOIL products which have become unduly contaminated by improper storage and/or handling once they have left AMSOIL INC.'s premises.

    3. AMSOIL products which have been repackaged, regardless of container, by anyone other than AMSOIL INC.

    4. Any allegedly defective AMSOIL product for which a sample in unobtainable.

    5. Any AMSOIL product which is used in applications not found in the AMSOIL Product Selection Guide or without prior written approval.

    6. Any AMSOIL product which is used for longer service intervals than recommended by AMSOIL INC.

    7. Any AMSOIL product which is used to lubricate any mechanical equipment subject to abuse, negligence, or racing.

    8. Any AMSOIL product to which another product not manufactured by AMSOIL INC., has been added.

    AMSOIL INC. further warrants that it is the sole author of this policy and that no other warranties, expressed or implied, are authorized or to be considered valid.

    Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

    If difficulties occur, we suggest the following:

    1. Contact your AMSOIL representative and try to resolve the matter

    2. If the matter cannot be resolved, you may write AMSOIL INC.

    Attn: Technical Service Department
    925 Tower Avenue
    Superior, WI 54880
    Fax 715-392-3097