Amsoil Metal Protect

AMSOIL M.P. is one of the most versatile products in the AMSOIL arsenal.

Product Uses

AMSOIL M.P. Metal Protectant was first introduced in the fall of 1978. At that time it was billed as “The Product for Everyone.” The billing remains true. By digging into the pores of metal surfaces and forming a dry, lubricating, water-resisting film over the applied area, M.P. accomplishes four important tasks: lubrication, water displacement, corrosion protection and penetration. It accomplishes all four with remarkable effectiveness. That combination makes it good for countless applications, some obvious, others not. 

You’ve heard about the obvious uses before: lubricating gun mechanisms and protecting them from moisture, protecting electrical systems from corrosion (both salt-water and fresh-water corrosion), working on boat engines, fixing squeaking doors and unsticking bolts and mechanical parts frozen up by rust and corrosion.

The bulk of the list, however, is comprised of less obvious uses that may surprise some people.

• Spray M.P. on shovels to keep snow from sticking to them.

• Spray M.P. on the rollers of chairs to help them move quieter and smoother.

• Apply M.P. to adjustable camera tripods so they’ll move smoothly and precisely.

• Apply M.P. to car door locks to prevent winter freeze-up or to de-ice frozen locks.

• Use M.P. in stalled cars with wet distributors. Its water displacement properties will help dry them out.

• Spray M.P. on lug nuts to keep them from rusting and freezing up.

• Apply M.P. to the lockout hubs on four-wheel-drive vehicles. Many 4x4 owners don’t change the lockout hub position for long periods of time. M.P. can help keep them loose.

• Use M.P. to lubricate office equipment.

• Apply M.P. to the underside of lawnmowers to keep grass from sticking.

• Use M.P. to protect cables that are exposed to the weather.